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Congratulate the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets!

2007 NCAA Women's Tennis Champions

The Yellow Jackets captured their first NCAA Women's Tennis Championship Tuesday night by defeating UCLA 4-2. Send them your congratulations!

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Don Faulk, IE '71: Great Job!!! We are so proud of you. I have two wonderful daughters (and a son) who are ga tech grads, and it makes me so proud of what you have done... no finer hour! Go Jackets! Best wishes in your future!

Jordan K. (Gainesville, Ga.): Way to go Jackets! We are so proud of you all!

George Paulson (Orlando): Way to go Jackets! It is extra sweet to do it on the dogs home court! Bryan -- Awesome job. Tell the family we all say hello. George, Stephanie, Madison, Alexandra & Iggy

Alan (Tallahassee): Incredible performance!!! Way to represent the Tech Nation!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

Greg, Jan and Julie Ross From Cary, NC: We're so proud and happy for you!! Congratulations on reaching your goal - and thanks again for a very special evening at our house in Cary. Way to go, Champs!!!!

Daniel vom Saal (Marietta): Congratulations! Fantastic accomplishment; kudos to all the players and coaches.

Olga and Todd Black: Congratulations! We are so proud of the Team. Way to go. You all have practiced and fought hard all year. All the members and staff at Brookfield CC (Roswell)are excited about the team winning the National Championship. Cheers !!

Josh: Congrats ladies!!! Amazing win tonight. Couldn't be more proud. You represent the institute well!

Jason Atlanta: Hey Ladies!!!! This lifelong Jacket has been screaming this all his life but now I can truly mean it: WE'RE # 1!!!!!! Congrats!!!

Jonathan Rowe (Dublin, GA): Incredible! You were the first to ever do this at Tech. Amazing athletic achievement while doing tough course work at a great school. Absolutely phenomenal! You've made us all proud, overjoyed, and inspired.

David (Gainesville GA): CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!! I've truly cried joy tonight. Am so proud of all of you!! GO JACKETS!!!

Boom (Alpharetta): Way to go Jackets!!!

Victor Belarmino - Washington D.C.: Congratulations Lady Jackets! What an unbelievable year that has culminated in a spectacular finish! GO JACKETS!!!

Chip Parker (Atlanta-Ft McPherson): Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment. You should be very proud ... just know that countless students, alums, and fans are standing a bit taller thanks to you!

Ken (Woodstock): Great job ladies!!! Way to bring it home. Awesome.

Larry and Pam Roberts, Marietta: Dear Brian and Tremendous Lady Jackets, Congratulations on an incredible journey and tremendous victory. Special congrats to our UTA alumnus, Amanda McDowell. Go Jackets!! Larry, Pam, Lauren and Ryan Roberts, Marietta, Georgia AT Memberts, Alum Class of 1972

Marshall Cheek (Lilburn): Way to Go. It is great to be a Yellow Jacket! Thanks

Randy (Columbus, Ga.): Great job!!! Congratulations to players and coaches!

Dallas: Congratulations! The alumni are behind you and look forward to next year!

Joe (Dallas, GA): Congratulation on winning not only the first Women's Tennis Championship, but the first Official NCAA Championship for the Jackets! You make us all very proud. Thank you.

Todd (Decatur): Congratulations to Coach Bryan Shelton and the ladies!! Way to go!!

Jim (Tyler, TX): Me and my fellow Jacket alums from East Texas want to congratulate you on making us proud! Great job ladies! GO JACKETS!

John - GT Alum (Canton, Ohio): I sat in front of my computer tonight anxiously waiting for the results and couldn't have been happier. Congratulations to the GT Ladies Tennis team - very, very proud! Go JACKETS!

Brendan (Atlanta): Great Job Girls!!! Thanks for bringing one home!

Ehren (ATL): Congrats on bringing the first true NCAA championship back to Tech!

Mike Fowler (Gainesville, GA): Congratulations on the amazing victory! I always knew you all were the best team in the country! And congratulations to Coach Shelton on the award for the best coach!

Trey (Marietta): Way to go, yall! I look forward to catching a match next year as yall go for the repeat.

Brad (Calhoun, GA): Congratulations, Ladies! You never gave up! What a true team effort! I would just like to say thank you, not only for the first ever NCAA team National Championship in Yellow Jacket history, but also for how you carry yourself and represent the school both on and off the court. The Yellow Jacket Nation couldn't be more proud of you.

Steven( Ocean Springs,Ms. ): Fantastic finish to a very determined team! Congrats to Coach Shelton and to all the girls.Exciting,Exhilarating,and very inspiring!! Savor the victory.

M. King, Lilburn, GA: Congratulations to the National Champion Yellow JackeTs. We are proud of you.

Tracy: Congratulations on your big win and national title! Way to represent the ramblin wreck! We were pulling for you the whole time and you never let us down! Go Jackets! #1!!

John Rafferty (FWB): Y'all are awesome!!! I've always been impressed with the way the women's tennis team handles themselves, and now they've been rewarded for their excellence!!! John (Tech tennis fan since 1997)

Vu (Atlanta): Congratulations ladies! You've made us all proud!

Iowa City, Iowa: We have been following your successful season from Iowa. Congratulations to all the players, the coaches and support staff. What an amazing team! Congratulations again on your successful season. The Lofgren Family from Iowa.

Reid Matthews (Waxhaw, NC): Congratulations, ladies! A National Championship! Thank you!

Jerome: Ladies...Congratulations on a fantastic season capping it with a well-deserved national championship! You're all amazing and good luck next season! Let's go JACKETS!

Ramon Parrish (Augusta GA): Congratulations to all of you for being the champions that you are. Hard work pays off! Go Jackets!!

David Ehrensperger Trussville, AL: WAY TO GO !!!!!! Congratulations to a history making team.

Bob Cone (Orlando): Way to go ladies!!!

Darrell (Atlanta): Way to go girls! Congratulations!!!

Andy (Marietta, GA): Congrats ladies!!!! Been keeping tabs on your season and cheering you guys on! Incredible finish to a great season. Thanks for bringing home the first of many NCAA trophies for the school! Ali and Tarryn, thanks for four great years!

Jacques Rozier, Miami: Congratulations girls! ALL GT fans, alumni, and overall supporters congratulate you and appreciate your success as individuals, a team and representatives of our beloved have earned it! Daughters not only cheer the brave and bold at Tech...they ARE the brave and bold!!! Good job!!!

Lokesh (Atlanta): Great win! You have made many GT students and alumni proud with your efforts today. Wishing you best of luck for your future endeavors. Go Jackets!

Abby Hammond (Marietta): Congratulations! You guys were an amazing team to watch throughout the entire season! Such a well-rounded team with great composure and team spirit!

Jim Haskell IE'75 (Birmigham): Way to go ladies! You make us Proud!

Amrit Bhavinani (Roswell - CM '09): Way to be ladies! Spectacular win. National Champions! Yay JACKETS!

Bill Slate, GT '65 (Marietta, Ga.): Congratulations and thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made us all proud. Wherever your life paths lead you will always be Georgia Tech Alumni and National Champions.

Eric Liu (Atlanta, GA): I've followed you girls all season long! I knew you would go all the way! Fantastic job~!!!

Jared (ATL): Congrats on the win. Way to pull one in for the Jackets. Two titles in the same year. Awesome.

Alpharetta: Joe and Toni D'Alessandris: Congratulations on winning the National Championship and on a great season. We are so happpy for you all!

Shosho (Honolulu): Today made me remember what it felt like to be a yellow jacket. This moment will always be in my heart. Thank you for bringing tears of joy to my eyes and for allowing me to miss 3 days of work while I watched you all play via webcam.

Justin (Alexandria, VA): Congratulations to all of you!

Chris Truax (Dallas, TX): You girls ROCK!!! Way to STING those Bruins and all other contenders!

Chris Miles EE 90 Albuquerque, NM: Just finished watching on TV... very exciting win. You are great representatives of Georgia Tech. Congratulations!

Wes (Long Beach, CA): Great job Lady Jackets!! Well earned!! Congratulations!!

Doug (Dewey, OK): Congratulations lady jackets! What a wonderful accomplishment!

John Carter, Atlanta: CONGRATULATIONS! What a great accomplishment. We are so very proud of you.

Gordon (Cartersville): Congratulations to both our Team and Coaches!

Don Howell (Cambridge, England): What an incredible accomplishment. Congrats from a Tech grad presently living in England. Do it again next year!

mario arnold: CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! I'm not much of a tennis fan, but I became one last night!! I watched the entire match. FORGET DANCING WITH THE STARS! I WAS DANCING WITH THE YELLOW JACKETS LAST NIGHT!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan (Woodstock): Congrats ladies!!! What a great season! You have made the entire GT family very proud. Congrats again on being National Champs!

Vickie (Newnan): Fantastic job! I have two daughters that play comp tennis so I know how hard you all have worked to get here! I am also a Tech grad!

Marty, Jordan & Steve (Alpharetta, GA): I am so proud of all of your efforts - what a spectacular season! We have enjoyed watching you all season. You truly deserve to be National Champions. Congratulations!

Alan GT Class of 72 (Pensacola): Great season topped off by the ultimate success, the first true National Championship for GT. Thanks to all for your outstanding performance.

Chad Costley EE 89 (Woodstock, Ga): Way to go!! Great match. I enjoyed every minute of it. Great way to represent the GT nation.

Joe (Atlanta): Congratulations Ladies on a fantastic season ! You've made the Jacket Nation very proud. Great work.

Daren Pietsch (St Simons Isl, GA): This is an amazing time for all Tech fans! We are so proud of you and recognize how hard you worked for this. Congratulations again and again!

Jamie Myers Williams: Great job ladies! Bryan I am so happy for you and your team, go Jackets, you really stung them!

Kevin Hall '87: Congratulations on making history, ladies! We're all very proud of you!

John Dodd, Germantown, Tn: Way to go Jackets! Congratulations to each of you and to Coach Shelton for bringing home the first NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP to Atlanta!!! We are proud of you!

Will (Norfolk): Great job ladies! go Jackets!!!

Frank (Roswell): I couldn't be prouder of being a Yellow Jacket than I am today. Great job, Ladies! I hope this is the first of many more to come.

Michael Ruiz (Marietta): Congratulations girls yall have brought a national championship to Tech's campus and I hope to see many more women tennis championships to come! You have made the Tech community proud! GO Jackets!

Scott CE 94: Congratulations ladies. You make us all proud to be part of the Georgia Tech family. Awesome accomplishment!!

Christopher Shinkman Bethesda, MD: Ever since your trip up here to play Maryland I knew you would win it all. Congratulations!

Sam (Atlanta -- BCMPE '91): Fantastic! You ladies have made your school proud. This is an accomplishment that will always be remembered -- as will the people who accomplished it! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Brian Rugg, IE'01 (Atlanta): It was so much fun following you all this season. Way to play last night...I've never cheered harder!

Carol (Atlanta, GA): What a great match! We watched the whole thing on the edge of our seats, cheering with every point! Congratulations!!!

Bill Querry(Forsyth, GA): You are the best. Thanks for choosing to be "Yellow Jackets". You make us more proud to be Tech fans, if that's possible.

Troy (Conyers): Congratulations, absolutely awesome! You are a big part of GT history.

Darren (Colorado Springs, CO): What a great end to a great season. Congratulations to all of you for bringing this Championship to Tech.

Jeff (Toccoa, Ga.): Way to go Jackets!!!!

Jeff Turner (Carrollton, GA): Way to go Ladies!!! You have made every Yellow Jacket fan very happy.

Thomas Colvin(Huntsville, AL): Congrats to the team. Great job and congrats to Coach Shelton!!

Jennifer (Providence, RI): Congratulations on winning the first NCAA championship for Georgia Tech!! You showed a lot of pride and heart and you should be very proud of your efforts.

Andre (Gainesville, FL): Congratulations ladies, great play. Go Jackets!

Scott G, IE '97 (Smyrna): Congratulations ladies! It's been awesome to follow the success of your team - from knocking off Stanford to win the National Indoor Championships to now winning the whole thing! NCAA Champions - thanks for bringing that honor to Georgia Tech!

Stacy (Cordele): Way to GO JACKETS!!!!!

Reggie Graham ('93): Congratulations! You make every member of the Tech family so proud. Thank you for being such fine representatives of our school. You are wonderful role models for our daughters. I will never forget that great effort last night...well done.

Lee (Woodstock, GA): Congratulations!!!!! I have followed you all season!! Way to go on a great season and NCAA Champions!!

Tann McKenzie (Alpharetta): Congratulations ladies! Thank you for bringing the title home!

Terry: Congratulations Amanda!!!! Your singles game looked really great in Tulsa. Terry

don (Bethlehem): Proud of you champions! Win it all again in 2008

Josh Rutland (Tifton, GA): Congrats on all of your success and bringing excellence to GT athletics!

Cristy Guardado (Phoenix): What an amazing accomplishment Bryan and Lady Jackets. I am so proud to see how far the program has come under Bryan's guidance. What a special time for all of you. Good luck!

Carol Chandler-Wood IMGT 1979: From the first woman to win a Georgia Tech women's tennis match to the first Georgia Tech Women's national championship team, congratulations! I was part of the first Tech women's tennis team. My friend, Alif Glenn, another Tech student, organized the team along with a Tech coach. We did not try out for the team, we joined! This would have been about 1977 or 78. I remember the first match on the courts in Peter's Park (a parking deck now sits on top of Peter's Park) and walking off the courts and the coach saying, "Congratulations Carol. You just won the first ever Women's tennis match at Tech!" I never forgot that moment! Again, congratulations on your success!

Bert Cabasares, MGT '97: Awesome year!! Congratulations, Lady Jackets!! Best wishes in 2008!!!

Marc T. Willingham EE '95 (ATL): Congratulations!! Way to go!! We are proud of you and excited for you.

J. Lee and Family (Powder Springs): What a wondeful blessing! Congratulations!!!

Jaime Wong (Singapore): Wooo hooo!! I've been a little late to keep up with news from halfway around the world...but I'm totally overjoyed and thrilled to hear the news!!! It's truly amazing and would never have been made possible if not for such a hardworking and wonderful coach like Coach Shelton...He was and is the cement for GT Women’s Tennis :) And like Shosho said, this really reminds me of what it means to be a yellow jacket...and I'm so happy to have been a small part of this journey...really wish I could have been there to soak in the victory and celebrations…Well, keep it up Coach and girls! Go JACKETS :)

Mark (Hernando, FL): Outstanding! Keep swinging those rackets and moving your feet. Love the competition of collegiate sports.

Mike E, ChE 05 (Providence RI): Way to go! I remember sitting at your lunch table in the AA, and now you're the talk of the town!

Jeffrey (Chamblee): Yay gooooooooooo team!!! Btw im one of ur students in gt summer camp ^.^!

Rick (Woodstock): That was simply awesome! Special thanks for doing it at UGA! Congratulations

Mike E, ChE 05 (Providence, RI): Way to go girls. I remember eating at your lunch table back in the day. Way to be a champion!

Todd (FLL): GO TECH!!!

Darren Pottinger (Decatur, GA): You guys are awesome!!!

Edna and Jerry Watts: Congratulations to the entire team...both of our daughters graduated from Tech and one works with the Athletic Association there. Cheryl keeps us informed of all that you do...we are proud of you...

Kevin Little Rock AFB ARK: Hell ya thats the way to win it. Nice work. Proud of you babes!!!!

Aditya, 06 (delhi, India): Great Job Guys, GO Jackets


will taylor (henry county): Congrats ladies! Im so proud of yall! Live it up...your truly #1... GO Tech!!!!!!!

Matt (Atlanta): Way to go Jackets! I've had the privilege of watching you guys a couple of times last year, and thrilled to see you bring home the first National Title for GT!

George P. Burdell (Atlanta GA): A few years ago, Tech celebrated 50 years of Women At Tech. How fitting that the first Tech NCAA championship would be won by a women's team. Congratulations, Buzz Babes!

Chris Moore, BSEE '06 (Greenville, SC): You guys definitely rock my socks off!!! GO JACKETS!!

Greg (Portland, OR): Congratulations Lady Jackets! Thanks for all the hard work and for representing the spirit of GT so well.

Daniel(Peachtree City): A-mazing! Way To Go! God Bless You All. You Did Awesome!!!!

Kemal(GT Savannah): Great job girls! You made history for our school. Big big congratulations!!!

Gary (Raleigh, NC): Congratulations on winning Tech's first ever NCAA tournament championship!


Clint (Largo, MD): Congratulations! Definitely a well-deserved championship! Will have to make it to a match next year to cheer on the defending champs!

Jack and Barbara Glasgow, Zebulon, NC: It was great to watch you ladies in the ACC tourney in Cary. Congratulations on a thrilling national championship!

Garn (Atlanta, GA): Congratulations!!! You all should be so incredibly proud! Now go celebrate!

Tom Hood, Ashburn, VA (IE '71): Way to go, ladies! I can't believe you have accomplished soooo much! Thanks for all you do!! Keep it up! We're so proud of you!!!

Taz Anderson Atlanta: Way to go Jackets!! To win on foreign soil makes it even better!!

greg(rex): Congratulations, ladies you rock!!!!!!! Go Jackets

Ted (Jacksonville, FL): Congratulations! Way to go! You done us proud!

Stan (Atlanta): Congratulations!!! Way to bring a National Championship to Tech.

Bleedgold from Suwanee: I got to UgaG early to cheer on the lady Jackets and I wouldn't have missed it for anything! Each of you ladies played your hearts out and the TECH nation couldn't BEE more proud of you!

Leigh Scott (Troy, AL): AMAZING!! Wish I could have been there to see you guys take the NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP! Love, your biggest fan in ALABAMA

Dave and Sue McCain: Way to go! We have the utmost respect for Bryan Shelton and knew he would build a great program at Tech - he sure did!

Trevor (cleveland): way to wreck

Amityville, NY: Outstanding!! You -are- the best!!

Shawn, MGT '03 (Atlanta): Great job ladies! You make us all proud to be Jackets! Go TECH!

List Family - Douglasville Ga: Way to go Lady Jackets! We are so proud.....thank you!!

Allan Lydon (Atlanta, GA IM 83): Outstanding Championship, Lady Jackets! Girls Rock! NCAA Champions!

Stephanie, Atlanta: Congrats on a great season! I loved watching you play!

Jon Abrams (Los Angeles) GT Alum: You guys are awesome -- your determination shows on your faces!!

Mike Wilkie: YELLOW.....JACKETS!! Way to go!

Michael Thomas CE'98: Great job, Bryan and ladies!! Hopefully this is the start of a dynasty! We're all proud of you!

Pete (Amityville, NY): Outstanding!! You all -ARE- the best!

Jonathan (Lawrenceville, GA): You are awesome!!! congratulations!!! keep up the awesome job... GO JACKETS!!!!!!!

Gary (Dallas): Way to go girls! Go jackets!

Shawn (BSMgt '03): Great job ladies! Go Jackets!

David Silver (Mableton, GA): You ladies are "kind of a big deal"

Charles Harbin (Sugar Land, TX): Great Job! :)

Nimesh Bhakta (Atlanta, GA): Congratulations!!! Thanks for bringing home our first NCAA title!!! What a great feeling!!!

John (Dunwoody): Way to grind it out!!!

Robin (Avondale Estates): Incredible !!! Thanks for bringing the title never quit, you never doubted !! It was great to leave Athens with a smile :)

JW (Lawrenceville): Congrats Lady Jackets! Awesome!

bob Hudson (Peachtree City): we're all thrilled beyond compare for you and what you've done for GT and yourselves. You and we will cherish it forever.

Professor Flamming (GT): Tuesday's Championship match was the most exciting sporting event I have ever seen. Congratulations on a truly inspiring victory! I am proud of all you have accomplished, both in the classroom and on the tennis court.

Gill: Great Job!!!! & Congrats!!!

Warner Robins, GA: congratulations!!! way to end a great season. you girls deserve it.

Marc Dash (Tucson): Spectacular achievement. ESPNU telecast also highlighted your academic accomplishments. Makes it even better.

Simon Eng IE '03 (Atlanta): Congratulations ladies! You have made the students, alumni and family of Georgia Tech proud.

Brandy, Autumn & Sybi (GT Tennis Alumns): We are so proud of you all! It was truly an honor and privilege to be in Athens, witnessing history in the making. We will always treasure the legacy that is GT Women's Tennis!

Brandy, Autumn & Sybi (GT Tennis Alumns): We are so proud of you all! It was truly an honor and privilege to be in Athens, witnessing history in the making. We will always treasure the legacy that is GT Women's Tennis!

Melody (Atlanta): GO JACKETS!!! Sting them Dawgs! You can do it between the hedges

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