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Be a part of the largest group of student fans at the Institute! This group of dedicated Yellow Jackets is the one you will often see screaming on television in the large group of yellow shirts. The SWARM typically occupies front rows of the North Endzone during football games and stands on the court during basketball games!

As a SWARM member, current students receive all of the benefits associated with 1st and 10, as well as a guaranteed ticket in the SWARM section during all home football games (front area of the student section) and access to the basketball court (for the first 200-300 members of SWARM who get to the game). SWARM dues are $20 annually for basketball or football and $25 for both, with $15 of the total cost covering your 1st and 10 membership and the other $5 covering the cost of each t-shirt. Visit www.1stand10.org for additional information.

To sign up for the SWARM, please join us for SWARM Sign-ups at Russ Chandler Baseball Stadium Details are listed below...CASH Only!

SWARM Sign-ups in conjunction with Traditions Night
Date: Thursday, August 24, 2006
Location: Russ Chandler Baseball Stadium
Time: 6:30 p.m.
* SWARM members will be asked to stay for a brief information session regarding procedures for the 2006-07 sports season!

1st and 10 Student Ticketing
We appreciate your support of Georgia Tech and the Alexander-Tharpe Fund during the 2005-06 sports season. I hope you will all consider renewing (or joining for the first time) your membership in the organization and in turn, receiving the benefits associated with membership. Additional details can be found at: http://ramblinwreck.cstv.com/extras/local/at/1st-and-10-Undergrad-Program.html

The Swarm in Action

The Swarm in Action
The Swarm in Action