This is our core academic support program. All new student-athletes will participate in this transition support program as well as many student-athletes continue throughout their academic career. Emphasizes individualized learning and support structure for our student-athletes; building trust while instilling academic skills. It incorporates an intensive Assistant Director and Academic Coordinator mentorship, monitoring of academic progress in courses, emphasis on progress towards degree, communication, and tutorial assistance. These collective elements provide our student-athletes with the tools and resources for academic success, persistence, and graduation from Georgia Tech.

Core components of the EXCEL@TECH Program:

  • A program that provides academic support, mentoring, and guidance
  • Student-athlete is assigned a GTAA Academic Coordinator and Assistant Director.
  • Program includes individualized academic study plans and structure of support which may include tutorial services, Academic Coordinator sessions, study hall, and campus resource referrals.
  • Student-athletes are provided time management schedule which incorporate all athletic/academic requirements.
  • Academic staff maintains continuous contact and communication with student-athlete, Head Coach, and professors.
  • Includes intervention plans as needed.
  • Monitors and assists with compliance/completion of course requirements.
  • Monitors travel/competition conflicts and excused class misses.
  • Campus resource referrals and Total Person Program developmental resources.
  • Weekly meetings with Head Coach (or Academic designee).
  • Tutorial assistance available for individuals, small groups, and large groups
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