Peer tutoring is available to all student-athletes. Tutoring should be viewed as a supplement to the instructors' lessons and the student's own hard work. Currently, subject tutoring is offered in the majority of undergraduate courses with exception of English and Computer Science programming courses. Tutoring is available six days per week and through final exams. Peer tutoring is offered in either one-on-one or in a small group tutorial setting.

Peer tutors are Georgia Tech students who have been recommended (often by our GT faculty), selected, trained, and designated to offer educational services to their peers (student-athletes). All new tutors are certified through the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA). Tutoring Certification requires all new tutors to satisfy the following:

Requesting Tutoring:
All student-athletes must fill out a tutor request form for any course they wish to receive peer tutoring. The request form can be completed below or with their Academic Coordinator or Assistant Director. Sessions are scheduled after the first week of classes and continue through the final exams. Tutorial assignments are arranged on an appointment basis and will be conducted in the Hearn Academic Center's tutorial facilities or in our designated study hall areas. Once a tutor is requested, the student-athlete should check his/her Institute email account regularly. Tutor sessions will not be conducted outside of the Hearn Academic Center premises.

If a tutor fails to maintain the following level of responsibility please report your concerns to our Tutor Coordinator, the Associate AD of SAASS, or our Compliance staff.


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