Tech Student-Athletes Set To Participate In Graduation Ceremonies

May 1, 2012

ATLANTA - Eighty-two current and former Georgia Tech student-athletes, managers and trainers are active degree candidates and will participate in graduation ceremonies later this week.

Undergraduate ceremonies are set for Saturday at 9:00 a.m., Master's and Phd ceremonies Friday at 7:00 p.m., both at the Georgia Dome.

Below is the list of Georgia Tech student-athletes:

Bachelor of Science
Name	Major	Sport
LaQuananisha Adams	History, Technology & Society	Women's Basketball
Corey Aitkne	Business Administration	Women's Track/Cross Country
Melanie Akwule	Business Administration	Women's Track/Cross Country
Christa Bagley	Business Administration	Cheer
Shannon Bear	Biochemistry	Softball
Mo Bennett	History, Technology & Society	Women's Basketball
Sunny Brewer	Business Administration	Cheer
Samuel Brown	Civil Engineering	Manager
Alison Campbell	International Affairs	Volleyball
Nick Claytor	Management	Football
Hillary Davis	Business Administration	Women's Track/Cross Country/Tennis
Danielle Dike	Science, Technology and Culture	Softball
Kristen Dornstauder	Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering	Women's Swimming
Matthew Duane	Polymer & Fiber Engineering	Cheer
Mario Edwards	History, Technology & Society	Football
Andy Elakman	Business Administration	Football
Eric Elder	Biochemistry	Football
Alexander Erickson	Mechanical Engineering	Men's Track/Cross Country
Jordan Evans	Business Administration	Women's Swimming
Austin Flanary	Mechanical Engineering	Football
Marcus Fondon	Computer Science	Manager/Trainer
Zach Fraysier	Business Administration	Football
Joe Fulton	Mechanical Engineering	Men's Track/Cross Country
Ryan Gomba	Computer Science	Men's Track/Cross Country
Sasha Goodlett	History, Technology & Society	Women's Basketball
Geoff Greco	Business Administration	Football
Heidi Hatteberg	Aerospace Engineering	Women's Swimming
Robert Hogan	Building Construction	Football
Farah Khemani	Aerospace Engineering	Cheer
Betsy Kim	Public Policy	Women's Track/Cross Country
Mary Kownack	Nuclear & Radiological Engineering	Women's Track/Cross Country
Thea Kromer	History, Technology & Society	Women's Swimming
Kate Kuzma	Business Administration	Softball
Margeaux Leighton	Business Administration	Cheer
Caitlin Lewis	Biology	Women's Swimming
Caroline Lilley	Business Administration	Women's Tennis
Hsinyu Lin	Industrial Engineering	Cheer
Jon Lockhart	Management	Football
Antonio McKay, Jr.	Management	Men's Track/Cross Country
Daniel McKayhan	Management	Football
Jhanelle McLeod	Economics	Women's Track/Cross Country
Maureen McMeekin	Mechanical Engineering	Women's Track/Cross country
D.J. McMillan	Management	Men's Track/Cross Country
Nick McNutt	Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering	Men's Track/Cross Country
Nick McRae	Management	Football
Miguel Muguruza	Industrial Engineering	Men's Tennis
Leslie Njoku	Building Construction	Women's Track/Cross Country
Erin O'Donnell	Business Administration	Women's Swimming
Hen Pauker	Industrial Engineering	Women's Swimming
Rebecca Payne	Business Administration	Cheer/Trainer
Embry Peeples	Management	Football
Nigel Plummer	Business Administration	Men's Swimming
Kristine Priebe	Public Policy	Softball
Maxwell Randolph	Business Administration	Men's Swimming
Ty Rawlings	Industrial Engineering	Football
Chelsea Regins	Science, Technology and Culture	Women's Basketball
Brian Robbins	Business Administration	Men's Swimming
James Robinson	Business Administration	Baseball
Rick Scheff	Mechanical Engineering	Men's Track/Cross Country
John Showalter	Aerospace Engineering	Men's Swimming
Keren Siebner	Industrial Engineering	Women's Swimming
Jessica Simmon-Bolog	Industrial Engineering	Cheer
Margaret Singletary	Business Administration	Cheer
Philip Smith	Management	Football
Jason Stott	Chemical Engineering	Cheer
Carson Swanson	Biomedical Engineering	Cheer
Zachary Tillman	Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering	Men's Swimming
Travis Wagner	Biology	Men's Swimming
Rachael Wallace	Mathematics	Manager
Metra Walthour	Science, Technology and Culture	Women's Basketball
Richard Watson	Management	Football
Kelsi Weseman	Industrial Engineering	Softball
James White	Management	Golf
Antonio Wilson	Management	Football
Marcus Wright	Management	Football

Master's Name Concentration Sport Hunter Clasen Science (EAS) Men's Track/Cross Country Jill Davis International Affairs Women's Track/Cross Country Brian Dempsey Business Administration Baseball Kelsey Duffy Chemical Engineering Men's Swimming Luke Haag Business Administration Cheer Jose Muguruza Business Administration Men's Tennis Andy Nguyen Business Administration Men's Track/Cross Country