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Sports Nutrition


To promote the importance of food as fuel for peak performance, and to educate student-athletes on the role of proper nutrient selection to impact sports performance, health promotion, and disease prevention.

The Sports Nutrition Center is maintained by Leah Thomas, a registered and licensed dietitian with a specialty certification in Sports Nutrition (Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics - CSSD). Individual consultations are provided to student-athletes where comprehensive computerized dietary analysis' are performed and individual recommendations for improving nutrient intake are discussed. In addition, body composition testing is done via the Bod Pod, a Life Measurement, Inc. product, and can provide an appropriate measurement of achievement. This method of body composition analysis provides a safe, fast, and accurate method for determining body fat and lean mass through air displacement. The Georgia Tech Sports Nutrition Center provides Core Power products to all Georgia Tech student-athletes to aid in recovery following athletic activities.