"Our Stories" is a RamblinWreck.com feature that provides first-person stories from current Georgia Tech student-athletes on their journey through academics, competition and life once their athletic careers are over. These young men and women represent the ideals of what it means to be an Everyday Champion at Georgia Tech. These are their stories.

December 6, 2017
Matthew Jordan - Football

*Quarterback walks away with a season of eligibility remaining but two degrees in hand

Working in supply chain engineering, I've always been taught to be efficient in everything that I do. Whether with logistics and shipping for my parents' business or strategically going down the field to make your way to the end zone, I've sort of always been around it. But life hasn't always been a straight shot.

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November 2, 2017
Gabriela Stavnetchei - Volleyball

*Senior outside hitter found the perfect match in Tech

Many Georgia Tech student athletes grow up cheering for the Yellow Jackets, while several others have the school on their radar well before making their college decision. My journey towards becoming a Georgia Tech student athlete is a little different, because my story begins in Brazil.

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October 18, 2017
Johnathan Langley - Baseball

*Johnathan Langley: Learning The Value In Serving Others

As a young kid growing up in Atlanta, my dream was to be a Georgia Tech baseball player. While I never found a spot on the official roster, the lessons I've learned from my position on the team have been invaluable.

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September 27, 2017
Zaire O'Neil - Women's Basketball

*Senior women's basketball player Zaire O'Neil hopes to give back to her community once her playing days are finished.

Before I could walk, basketball was a huge part of my life. Growing up in a family where every parent and sibling played college basketball, I had a clear path laid out in front of me before I knew how to dribble a ball. Now, as I near the start of my senior season as a student-athlete at Georgia Tech, basketball remains a focal point in my life, but what I hope to accomplish extends far beyond the basketball court.

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September 13, 2017
Joonas Koski - Swimming and Diving

* Sophomore swimmer Joonas Koski gives us a first-hand look back at the "Jackets Without Borders" trip to Costa Rica in August 2017.

When I decided to attend the "Jackets Without Borders" trip, I did not know what to expect. In fact, although I was excited to travel to a new country, I was very nervous. I did not know what the situation would be like, and I did not know many people in our group.

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August 30, 2017
Kira de Bruyn - Swimming and Diving

* Senior swimmer Kira de Bruyn gives us a first-hand look back at the "Jackets Without Borders" trip to Costa Rica in August 2017.

The first week of August, I traveled with seven Georgia Tech student-athletes and six staff members to Costa Rica to help on a project in partnership with Courts for Kids. Courts for kids is an organization that aims to transform lives through building courts and cultural exchange.

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April 5, 2017
Maddie Paschal - Swimming and Diving

One hundred yards is a small distance to travel to make history. For me, the journey leading up to the 100 yards stretches further than any body of water can cover.

My name is Madeline Paschal. I am 21 years old, and I am a senior swimmer for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. During my four years on the swim team, I've been able to accomplish many of my goals, but the path to reaching them wasn't always clear.

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March 9, 2017
Christopher Eubanks - Men's Tennis

As long as I can remember, I've had a tennis racket in my hand. 

My name is Christopher Eubanks, and I am a 20-year-old junior at Georgia Tech. I'm currently the No. 7 ranked collegiate tennis player in the country with eyes on reaching No. 1 and playing professionally. My success on the court is a result of the incredible coaching I've received and my ability to focus on my overall development rather than hanging my head after a lost match.

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February 22, 2017
Rachel Thorne - Women's Track and Field/Cross Country

Throughout my college career as a runner for Georgia Tech, more often than not, my result for a race has been "Did Not Compete," but anyone who knows me has no doubt that I'm a competitor.

My name is Rachel Thorne, and I am a 21-year-old senior student athlete for the Yellow Jackets cross country and track team. I came to college ready to compete, but injury after injury has kept me on the sidelines throughout most of my time at Georgia Tech. While it hasn't been easy, I've never quit, learning to keep a positive attitude through even the lowest of lows, leaning on the support of my parents, coaches and teammates as well as my faith in God.

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January 18, 2017
Patrick Gamble - Football

I came to Georgia Tech to play football, but I didn't know how to play my position. As a long-time defensive end, moving inside to play defensive tackle was a new challenge, and I needed the help of my coaches and the support of my teammates -- who quickly became like brothers to me -- to help me adjust.

I never had a brother before I came to Georgia Tech. Now, I leave with more than I can count.

My name is Patrick Gamble and I am a former football player for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets attempting to make the jump to the NFL. I am an only child, son of Curtis and Charonda. Growing up without any siblings, at times, I was lonely, but I've never felt alone.

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December 7, 2016
Samantha Pierannunzi - Softball

I got off the plane from my summer-long trip to Spain on a Thursday, and I was so excited to see my family after the longest time I had ever been without them. On Saturday, I learned my mother had breast cancer again.

My name is Samantha Pierannunzi and I am a senior centerfielder on the Georgia Tech softball team. I grew up with two older brothers, Kevin and Michael, so naturally sports were a big part of my life. My parents, Kenneth and Jeannie, signed me up for every sport when I was younger. I mean every sport, including the chess team.

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December 1, 2016
Nahom Solomon - Men's Cross Country/Track and Field

A 5,000-meter race is the ultimate challenge of mental and physical toughness, a feat that tests your willingness to suffer. No matter how tired I am during a race, no matter how much I want to quit, I think of the suffering my parents went through when they were young and I power through the pain I'm feeling in the moment.

My name is Nahom Solomon, and I am a 21-year-old junior cross country and track runner at Georgia Tech. I am the son of Samuel Gebreyesus and Letensie Tesfamicael, both of whom were refugees from the East African country Eritrea during the 30-year Eritrean War of Independence that ended in 1991. My parents met in America, and I became the first born of their four children.

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November 9, 2016
Alexa Anton-Ohlmeyer - Women's Tennis

My name is Alexa Anton-Ohlmeyer. I am the senior captain of the Georgia Tech tennis team, but my story stretches much further than a serve or a volley.

I was born in Rancho Mirage, California, to Tom and Wendy. My parents divorced when I was 3, and my mother remarried to Drew Ohlmeyer. When I was in third grade, I noticed that every one of my classmates had the same last name as their mother, and I wanted to be the same. I went home and asked my mother if I could legally change my last name, and she was impressed I had thought to do that all by myself. We stuck a hyphen on my last name, and I've been the only Alexa Anton-Ohlmeyer I know ever since.

It was one of many times I tackled a challenge earlier than most would.

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October 26, 2016
Freddie Burden - Football

My name is Freddie Burden. I'm a 6-foot-4, 299-pound redshirt senior and I play center for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team. I am 22 years old, and my four-plus years as a student athlete haven't been easy. I've had to overcome both injury and personal loss. But through it all, I've come out of it a better man, one who is undeterred by the challenges that lie before me.

My father, Willie, died on Dec. 4, 2015, from congestive heart failure. To this day, the 10 months spent watching my father's health deteriorate from his disease was the hardest time of my life.

In order to know who I am, it's important to first learn who my father was.

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