Aug. 18th

The Jackets left Pordenone this morning and returned to Venice to play its fourth and final game of the trip. Tech went 4-0 on the foreign tour, grabbing a 60-41 win over Slovenia to close out the trip. Read the full recap here. The team closed out the foreign tour with a team meal at a local restaurant. The Jackets will return to Atlanta on Saturday.

Aug. 17th

Tech played game three on Thursday in Pordenone, defeating Slovenia 81-40. Read the full recap here. The Jackets began the day with breakfast at their hotel before departing for the arena for shoot around. After a quick practice to prep for the game, the team had down time before pregame meal early in the afternoon. After the game, the Jackets had a team meal - giving them an opportunity to thank the donors and our hosts for the entire trip, Tita and Roberto, for helping make this trip happen.

Aug. 16th

The Jackets had a travel day back to the northern section of Italy on Wednesday, taking the high speed train from Rome to Padova. Averaging approximately 130 miles per hour on the train, the trip took three hours to reach Padova. From Padova, the Jackets drove an hour and a half back to Pordenone, where they will play game three on Thursday.

Aug. 15th

The Jackets spent their last full day in Rome on Tuesday. They opened the day with a practice outside to gear up for their final two games of the trip on Thursday and Friday followed by a team lunch. After lunch, the Jackets had free time to spend exploring Rome and searching for souvenirs. They ended the day with a team meal on the river.

Aug. 14th

The Jackets spent their first full day in Rome on Monday - touring the Vatican, Roman Forum and the Colosseum. The morning opened with the team visiting Vatican City including the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. After Vatican City, the Jackets had free time to grab lunch and explore the city on their own before a team meal and a night tour. After dinner, the team went on a guided walking tour of the Vittorio, Roman Forum and Colosseum.

Aug. 13th

The Jackets had a long travel day on Sunday, making stops at Pisa and Siena before their final destination of Rome. After having a few hours of time to explore Florence on their own in the morning, the Jackets drove just over an hour to Pisa and explored the grounds including the cathedral and baptistery. Once the Jackets had time to explore Pisa, a two hour drive followed to the Tuscan town of Siena where they walked the streets and saw the city center's preparations for Palio di Siena - the annual horse race around the city center. A sweet surprise included witnessing Italian culture with the procession of a couple horses through the streets of Siena to town hall. After Siena, the Jackets drove three hours to Rome where they will spend the next couple of days.

Aug. 12th

On Saturday, Tech left Pordenone and traveled to Florence via Bologna. After a 2.5 hour drive, the Jackets stopped briefly in Bologna to grab lunch and tour the oldest university and Church of Seven Churches where seven churches are all connected to each other. Upon leaving Bologna, Tech traveled another 1.5 hours and made its way to Florence. To finish the day, the team had dinner before sightseeing at night.

Aug. 11th

On Friday, the Jackets spent a full day in Pordenone. They opened the day with a visit to the City Hall and an introduction to the sport director for the city. Following City Hall, the Jackets had some free time to explore the hometown of senior Antonia Peresson before a pregame meal at a local Italian restaurant. Tech picked up its second win in Italy, defeating Bosnia 96-18 Friday evening. Full recap can be found here. After the game, the Jackets had a team meal to close out its two-day stay in Pordenone. (Tech will return to Pordenone next week for its last two games).

Aug. 10th
Today the Jackets left Venice and traveled just over an hour to Pordenone, the hometown of senior Jacket Antonia Peresson. After checking into the hotel, Tech went to the arena for shoot around and ate at a local restaurant for pregame meal. The Jackets played game one on this trip, defeating Bosnia 101-31. Full game recap here. After the game, Tech had a team meal at Fossa Mala to close the night.

Aug. 9th
Georgia Tech spent its third day in Venice exploring new sights and experiencing authentic Italian culture. The day began with the Jackets visiting Ca `Farsetti (City Hall of Venice) to meet the assistant mayor of Venice. After learning a few history notes about the historic building, the Jackets headed to the island of Torcello for lunch at the Taverna Tipica Veneziana. In the afternoon, the Jackets visited the island of Murano where the art of ancient glass blowing still remains and saw master craftsman create a couple pieces of art.

Aug. 8th
The Jackets had a busy second day in Venice starting with a morning practice at a local gym. To finish the practice, the team took a photo at the dock located right off the gym where visiting teams enter via boat when arriving for a game. After practice, the Jackets enjoyed a boat taxi ride over to the prestigious island of Lido and ate lunch at the beach. After enjoying the beach for a few hours, Tech headed back to the Venice to experience the famous gondola ride through the canals of historic Venice. A guided boat tour through Grand Canal followed the gondola ride and Tech capped off the night with a genuine Italian dinner.

Aug. 7th
Tech landed in Venice around 9:30 a.m. on Aug. 7 with a wonderful view of the city upon landing. After arriving, the Jackets took a boat taxi to lunch and hotel check-in before beginning exploration of the city. On the first day in Venice, the Jackets went to St. Mark'Square, inside St. Mark'Cathedral, Ducal Palace, Bridge of Sighs, Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge. After a classic Italian dinner, a few Jackets got their first taste of Italian gelato.

Aug. 6th
The Jackets departed Atlanta for Venice via Philadelphia.