2014 Juniors: Karly Fullem



Jan. 31, 2014

Today's 'Meet the Team' video features junior Karly Fullem, an infielder/pitcher from Suwanee, Ga. The Jackets kick off the season in eight days against Missouri State on Feb. 8

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Karly Fullem Fun Facts

Most people don't know this about me, but I: Hate tacos.

The App I use most is: Twitter.

I can't imagine going a week without: Peanut butter or my phone.

The sport I'm the worst at is: Soccer.

If I didn't play softball, I would play: Tennis.

If I were on a reality TV show it would be: The Bachelorette/Bachelor

I can't miss a TV episode of: Revenge.

When I'm not on the field, you'll find me: By the pool.



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