Men's Tennis

3/27/2015 | M. Tennis

A winner takes the negative of a loss and finds the positives in it, making himself in the process. That search for positives gets harder the longer a losing streak goes on, as even the most... Read More [+]

3/26/2015 | M. Tennis

Georgia Tech's men's tennis team is back home this weekend to continue its Atlantic Coast Conference schedule against Louisville Friday and also hosts neighboring Kennesaw State on Sunday at the... Read More [+]

3/25/2015 | M. Tennis

Half of one of the nation's top-ranked doubles pairs, senior and Spaniard Eduardo Segura has emerged as one of Tech's tennis solo stars. Read More [+]

3/22/2015 | M. Tennis

Notre Dame, ranked 36th in the nation, earned victories at the top two doubles positions and the top four singles positions and eased past Georgia Tech, 6-1, Sunday at the Eck Tennis Pavilion. Read More [+]

3/20/2015 | M. Tennis

Georgia Tech lost only one set Friday and got back on the winning track with ease in the Atlantic Coast Conference with a 7-0 victory over Boston College. Read More [+]

3/15/2015 | M. Tennis

Georgia Tech suffered a rare loss of the doubles point, and 24th-ranked Florida State picked up four singles wins in straight sets to secure a 5-2 victory and hand No. 68 Georgia Tech its first ACC... Read More [+]

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