Staff Directory

Georgia Tech Athletic Association
150 Bobby Dodd Way, N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30332-0455
Phone: 404-894-5400

Executive Staff
Name Title Email Phone
Todd Stansbury Director of Athletics      404.894.5411
Dr. Charles L. Isbell, Jr. Faculty Athletics Representative     
Jack Thompson Special Assistant to the Director of Athletics      404.894.5427
Mark Rountree Deputy Director of Athletics      404.894.5411
Ayo Taylor-Dixon Senior Associate AD / External Operations      404.894.5411
Joeleen Akin Associate AD / Student-Athlete Development / SWA      404.894.4462
Shoshanna Engel Associate AD / Compliance      404.894.8792
Derek Grice Associate AD / Facilities, Operations & Events      404.894.6668
Jim Hall Associate VP for Development (Athletics)      404.894.8219
Jeff Keisler Associate AD / Annual Giving & Engagement      404.906.4426
Phyllis LaBaw Associate AD / Student Services      404.803.8950
Marvin Lewis Associate AD / Administration & Finance      404.894.5411
Stephanie Swant Executive Assistant to the Director of Athletics      404.894.5411
Alexander-Tharpe Fund
Name Title Email Phone
Jim Hall Associate VP for Development (Athletics)      404.894.8219
Jeff Keisler Associate AD / Annual Giving & Engagement      404.906.4426
Mindy Hyde Director of Development for Athletics      404.894.5435
Gary Lanier Director of Development for Athletics      404.894.6561
Nick Parsons Director of Annual Giving for Athletics      404.894.5390
Nick Logan Director of Premium Seating and Leadership Giving      404.894.0539
Barb Dockweiler Associate Director / Stewardship      404.894.6124
Anita Lee Associate Director / Donor and Gift Services      404.894.8457
Whitney Waldron Associate Director / Development      404.894.5414
Jen Abrams Development Assistant      404.385.6254
Holland Harris Development Assistant      404.894.5427
Name Title Email Phone
Chris Moore Director of Athletic Bands      404.894.8977
Benjamin Diden Assistant Band Director      404.894.8951
Cameron Crotts Assistant Band Director      404.894.3194
Baseball - (Phone) 404.894.2261
Name Title Email Phone
Danny Hall Head Coach      404.894.5471
Jason Howell Assistant Coach / Recruiting Coordinator     
Mike Nickeas Assistant Coach     
Eric Patterson Volunteer Assistant Coach     
Nick Scherer Director of Operations     
Men's Basketball - (Phone) 404.894.4424
Name Title Email
Josh Pastner Head Coach     
Eric Reveno Assistant Coach     
Anthony Wilkins Assistant Coach     
Julian Swartz Director of Recruiting and Compliance/Interim Assistant Coach     
Mario West Interim Assistant Coach     
Tyler Benson Director of Scouting     
Ellie Cantkier Program & Operations Manager     
Women's Basketball - (Phone) 404.894.5406
Name Title Email
MaChelle Joseph Head Coach     
Sasha Palmer Assistant Coach
Jonneshia Pineda Assistant Coach     
Mark Simons Assistant Coach     
Metra Walthour Director of Operations     
TBA Director of Video / Player Personnel
Brittni Oliver Assistant Director of Operations     
Brand and Ideation
Name Title Email Phone
Simit Shah Assistant AD / Brand and Ideation     
Brad Malone Director of Brand and Ideation      404.894.4461
Tyler Wheeler Assistant Director, Ideation - Creative      404.894.0539
Chris Dawson Assistant Director, Ideation - Video       
Spencer McCray Ideation - Creative Intern       
Name Title Email
Andy Demetra Broadcaster     
Business Office
Name Title Email Phone
Selinda Biggers Director of Accounting      404.894.9684
Jim Goad Accounts Payable Coordinator      404.894.5440
Delvin Jones Senior Accountant      404.894.5439
TBD Senior Accountant      404.385.1132
Cheerleading & Dance
Name Title Email
Daniel Nester Athletic Spirit Coordinator/Cheerleading Head Coach     
TBA Goldrush Coach     
Communications and Public Relations - (Phone) 404.894.5445
Name Title Email
Mike Flynn Assistant AD / Communications & Public Relations (Administration, Football)     
Mike Stamus Associate Director (Men's Basketball, Golf)     
Kevin Davis Assistant Director (Baseball, Swimming & Diving, Secondary Football)     
Liz Ryan Assistant Director (Women's Basketball, Women's Tennis)     
Alex Keator Assistant Director (Volleyball, Softball)     
Andrew Clausen Communications Intern (Cross Country/Track & Field, Men's Tennis, Secondary Men's Basketball)     
Name Title Email Phone
Shoshanna Engel Associate AD / Compliance      404.894.8792
Lance Markos Assistant AD / Compliance     
Bret Cowley Director      404.385.0611
Shardonay Blueford Associate Director      404.894.0416
Christina Chow Compliance Assistant      404.894.5055
Computer Operations - (Phone) 404.894.5475
Name Title Email
Anthony Bridges Director of Computer Operations     
Daniel Lin IT Professional     
Name Title Email
Tom Conner Equipment Manager     
Punt Windham Assistant Manager     
David McDaniel Assistant Manager     
Ken Edwards Assistant Manager     
Joseph Tassitano Intern       
Facilities, Operations & Events
Name Title Email Phone
Derek Grice Associate AD / Facilities, Operations & Events      404.894.6668
John D. Tweedy Assistant AD / Facilities, Operations & Events      404.894.5431
Christie Hughes Associate Director of Athletics Facilities and Event Operations      404.894.0696
Bryan Elliott Associate Director of Athletics Facilities and Event Operations      404.895.0365
Jim Kenyon Associate Director of Athletics Facilities and Event Operations      404.747.5167
Will Clement Events and Facilities Coordinator      770.547.8347
Chad Peachey External Events Coordinator      404.894.9774
Doc Hill Facility Manager / Bobby Dodd Stadium      404.894.8490
Carey Lawrence Facilities Technician      404.894.8490
Chris Beale Facilities Technician      404.894.8490
Julio Cruz Facilities Technician      404.894.8490
Leonard Tracey Facilities Technician      404.894.8490
Tim Pate Facilities Technician      404.894.8490
TBD Facilities Technician    
Chris May Director of Athletic Grounds and Turf Maintenance      404.894.8490
Cody Brady Groundskeeper      404.894.8490
Ronnie Johnson Groundskeeper      404.894.8490
John Noonan Groundskeeper      404.894.8490
Christopher Conley Horticulturist Assistant      404.894.8490
Matthew LaFoy Horticulturist Assistant      404.894.8490
John Morris Horticulturist Assistant      404.894.8490
Zachary Boone Intern       
Megan Payne Intern       
Fan Relationship Center
Name Title Email Phone
Charles O'Donnell Manager, Sales & Service      404.385.4417
Matt Lanier Manager, Premium Seating & Development      404.385.4407
Taryn Applebaum Senior Service and Retention Consultant      404.385.4408
Jackson Willis Senior Service and Retention Consultant      404.385.4400
Alvin LaRue Service and Retention Consultant      404.385.4414
Michael Petersen Service and Retention Consultant      404.385.4425
Cameron Ilich Team Lead, Sales      404.385.4416
Justin Recktenwald Senior Group Sales Consultant      404.385.4406
Aaron Schuster New Sales Consultant      404.385.4414
John Ferrantano New Sales Consultant      404.385.4415
Vincent Cashia New Sales Consultant 404.385.4405
Name Title Email Phone
Paul Johnson Head Coach      404.894.5420
Nate Woody Defensive Coordinator      404.894.5470
Craig Candeto Assistant Coach      404.894.5469
Andy McCollum Assistant Coach      404.894.5476
Lamar Owens Assistant Coach      404.894.4351
Buzz Preston Assistant Coach      404.894.5465
Jerome Riase Assistant Coach      404.894.5464
Mike Sewak Assistant Coach      404.894.4425
Joe Speed Assistant Coach      404.894.5472
Ron West Assistant Coach      404.894.5430
Shiel Wood Assistant Coach      404.894.0693
Errin Joe Graduate Assistant     
Trey Money Graduate Assistant     
Nick Newsome Graduate Assistant     
Tyson Wachenheim Graduate Assistant     
Paul Nichols Offensive Analyst     
Bryan Cook Defensive Analyst     
Tim McGrath Staff Assistant     
Mike Huff Director of Football Operations      404.894.5468
Kevin Cone Assistant Director of Football Operations      404.894.0693
Andy Lutz Director of Player Personnel      404.894.5419
Thomas Balkcom Associate Director of Player Personnel      404.894.5419
Paul Hamilton Associate Director of Player Personnel      828.553.5003
Cody Moore Associate Director of Player Personnel      770.547.4213
Tevin Washington Associate Director of Player Personnel      770.547.4213
Brittany McCormick Recruiting and Marketing Coordinator      404.894.2371
Ryan Wise Digital Content Coordinator     
Teri Anton Administrative Coordinator      404.894.5436
Kassi Lee Recruiting Operations Coordinator      404.894.4434
Georgia Tech Athletic Hospitality
Name Title Email Phone
Chelsey Brown Director of Athletic Hospitality      404.894.1249
Madeline Maney Athletic Hospitality Intern     404.385.1555
Georgia Tech IMG Sports Marketing - (Phone) 404.733.1130
Name Title Email
Dave Bouteiller General Manager     
Mike Reynolds Senior Account Executive     
Jennifer Paonessa Senior Account Executive     
Justin Fordham Account Executive     
Justin Perez Account Executive     
Madeline Diez Partner Services Coordinator     
Matt Palmer Partner Services Coordinator     
Name Title Email Phone
Bruce Heppler Head Coach      404.894.0961
Drew McGee Assistant Coach      404.951.5407
Jeff Pierce Volunteer Coach     
Human Resources
Name Title Email
Kevin Cruse Human Resources Business Partner     
Christine Ackerman Human Resources Assistant     
Name Title Email
Doug Allvine Assistant AD / Innovation      404.894.9019
Marketing & Promotions
Name Title Email Phone
TBA Director of Marketing, Sales & Fan Experience 404.894.4400
Phil Lewicki Associate Director of Marketing & Digital Media     
TBA Marketing Assistant
TBA Marketing Assistant
Player Development
Name Title Email Phone
Scott McDonald Director of Olympic Sports Player Development      404.385.7118
John Sisk Director of Football Player Development      404.894.8648
Alex Derenthal Player Development Coach      404.894.3961
Zach Reed Player Development Coach      404.894.3691
Steve Tamborra Player Development Coach      404.894.3961
Dan Taylor Player Development Coach      404.894.3961
Curtis Turner Player Development Coach      404.894.3961
Samantha Turner Player Development Coach      404.894.3961
Name Title Email Phone
Aileen Morales Head Coach      404.894.5415
Reese Mariconda Assistant Coach      770.547.5019
Alison Owen Assistant Coach     
Kate Kantor Volunteer Assistant Coach     
Sports Medicine - (Phone) 404.894.5460
Name Title Email Phone
TBA Director (Football, Golf) 404.894.5461
Carla Gilson Associate Director (Volleyball)     
Jenna Buehler Athletic Trainer (M/W Cross Country & Track)     
Brittany Ferrell Athletic Trainer (Softball)     
Rachel Matthews Athletic Trainer (W. Basketball, Cheerleading)     
Beth Moser Athletic Trainer (Swimming & Diving)     
Mark Smith Athletic Trainer (Football)     
Richard Stewart Athletic Trainer (M. Basketball, M/W Tennis)     
Paul Wolkoff Athletic Trainer (Baseball)     
Katie DeLost Intern Athletic Trainer
Sarah Eisenhut Intern Athletic Trainer
Brian Howland Intern Athletic Trainer
Justin Liberta Intern Athletic Trainer
Randy Rhino Chiropractor      404.385.0446
Lauren Nieman Office Manager - Sports Medicine & Rehab      404.385.4115
Charlie Ridgeway Physical Therapist/Clinic Director - Sports Medicine & Rehab      404.385.4117
Gina Thompson Athletic Insurance Coordinator      404.385.2960
Student Services
Name Title Email Phone
Phyllis LaBaw Associate AD / Student Services      404.803.8950
Chris Breen Assistant AD / Student Services      646.879.4487
LaToya Ballard Assistant Director of Academic Services      470.298.6045
Amanda Brown Assistant Director of Academic Services      214.709.6958
Whitney Burton Assistant Director of Academic Services      404.368.8230
Brandon Pottebaum Assistant Director of Academic Services      712.348.0651
Sunsea Williams Assistant Director of Academic Services      574.387.8562
Rudy Wilson Assistant Director of Academic Services      386.589.4073
Cameron Allen Academic Support Coordinator      662.380.6979
Reid Ferrin Academic Support Coordinator      816.695.4651
Joe Miller Academic Support Coordinator      404.769.8586
Ashby Sadowski Academic Support Coordinator      770.547.0666
Lindsay Sundberg Academic Support Coordinator      860.214.2701
Kristen Wingate Academic Support Coordinator      843.307.8030
Swimming & Diving
Name Title Email Phone
Courtney Shealy Hart Head Coach      404.894.9736
John Ames Diving Coach     
Bill Koppelman Associate Head Coach     
Andy Robins Assistant Coach     
Neil Versfeld Assistant Coach     
Men's Tennis
Name Title Email
Kenny Thorne Head Coach     
Jeremy Efferding Assistant Coach     
Women's Tennis
Name Title Email
Rodney Harmon Head Coach     
Christy Lynch Assistant Coach     
Ticketing & Sales - (Phone) 404.894.5447
Name Title Email
Mike Castle Assistant AD / Ticket Sales and Operations     
David White Associate Director of Ticket Operations     
Laura Dinger Assistant Director of Ticket Operations     
Bobby Holman Assistant Director of Ticket Operations     
Devon Hathaway Ticket Operations Coordinator     
Total Person Program
Name Title Email Phone
Leah Thomas Director, Total Person Support Services      404.759.0626
Maureen Tremblay Total Person Program Coordinator      253.514.3672
Lucius Sanford Executive Director - Letterwinners Club      404.894.8865
Derrick Moore Character Development Coach  
Track & Field / Cross Country
Name Title Email Phone
Grover Hinsdale Men's Track & Field Head Coach      404.894.5488
Alan Drosky Women's Track & Field Head Coach / M&W Cross Country Head Coach     
Viktor Kirillov Assistant Coach     
Adriane Butler Assistant Coach     
Becky Megesi Assistant Coach     
Nat Page Assistant Coach      404.894.8220
Tavyn Lovitt Volunteer Assistant Coach     
Name Title Email Phone
Andy Blanton Assistant AD / Video & Broadcast Services      404.556.1715
Todd McCarthy Assistant AD / Sports Video Operations      678.464.9520
Matt Sims Director, Athletics Facility Technology     
Kyle Apat Assistant Director of Video Operations     
Carly Welch Assistant Video Coordinator     
Name Title Email Phone
Michelle Collier Head Coach      404.894.5453
Randi Raff Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator     
Claudio Pinheiro Assistant Coach     
Jill Jameson Director of Volleyball Operations      608.509.8937